Combo cruise/park trips and deposits

I booked a cruise with a TA and then booked a resort/parks portion as well, for the same trip. I paid two separate deposits (the cruise % and $200 on the resort portion). Are the final amounts due for both segments of the trip on the cruise day? (Furthest out.) Since I paid two deposits, I assumed that they were treated separately and had separate due dates, so my parks/resort would be due 8 weeks out. But it was billed today, so Iā€™m confused. :confused:

They are two separate reservations and will have two separate due dates.

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Intriguing! I wonder if my TA might have accidentally pushed through the wrong payment today. I reached out to see. Thanks!

Curious on the outcome? Iā€™m just catching up on old threads :rofl:

The TA ran through the wrong payment. It was refunded and the correct one went through, so all is well!

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