Combining fastpass+ with rider swap

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My family is heading to disney world in april and its been a long time since I have been, so I have never used the fastpass+ system or rider swap. We have 6 people going on our trip- myself and my husband, our 6 year old son, our 1 year old daughter, and both of my parents. I have read online that when using rider swap, only the people in your party that are going first on the ride need a fastpass+ and that the others that go second will be able to enter the fastpass line without a fastpass because of having the rider swap pass. Can someone who has gone recently tell me if this is still the case? Also, are they still allowing up to 3 people to use the rider swap pass? I’m wondering if, for example, my husband, son, and I were to fastpass test track at epcot, could my parents then go right after without waiting (along with my son for a second ride)? Then could we do the opposite on Soarin- parents fastpass with my son and my husband and I go after? Basically, does this essentially double the fastpass potential for the gorup?

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It works exactly as you described.

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This should tell you everything you need to know:


Yes, you definitely understand how the Rider Swap functionality works. Your son and one other person can ride things twice!

However, there is a small flaw in your FP+ strategy that your son overlaps both of these. So he can’t have a FP+ for both Soarin’ and Test Track unfortunately.

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Good catch! Yes your son will only be able to do one of the rides twice, but all of the adults will be able to get 2 passes for the cost of one.

In a few years there will be an article about rich people renting babies to get extra fastpasses and they will have to change the way things are done.


Thanks everyone! It all takes so much more planning that it used to :slight_smile:

So does this mean a family of 4 can increase fast pass+ by 50%? E.g. 2 fastpass+ for splash mountain and 2 from big thunder by using riser swap on each you get a 4 person fastpass on each? Can the child that sits out be the idler child (ages 8 and 5) or would the 8 year old have to ride both? And then can the 5 year old ride the rides that they ‘sat out’ using the rider swap fast pass?

It depends on how tall they are. The 5 yearold will probably be tall enough for most rides.

This almost seems to good to be true! Let me make sure that I understand correctly. With younger children I want our trip to be as smooth as possible.

Our party will consist of my husband, teenage brother, seven year old sister, and my four year old son. Of course our son will not be tall enough to ride The Rock and Roller Coaster. We have already booked fastpass reservations for my husband and brother. If we chose to do a child swap due to the 4 year old being to short…How would that work? After their ride we would receive another fastpass for myself and up to two other people, I understand that part. Is there limitations to who the two other people could be…Could the 7 year old ride the 2nd time around? And is there a certain time frame the 2nd ride has to be used within?
Thanks in advance:)

The pass you will receive is an old fashioned type paper FastPass. It lists the ride and says it is valid for up to 3 people. It is usually good through the end of the calendar month (or the next month if it’s towards the end of the current one). No restrictions! You can definitely take your DS7 again! And your husband or brother could ride again too.

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