Combining DDP credits from a split stay on check out/check in day

Upcoming I have a split stay and am planning to get the dining plan for both parts. On check out/check in day, I plan to eat at a signature restaurant. In theory, can I combine my last remaining TS credit from the first stay with one from the second stay to cover that signature meal? I know in practice people have reported trouble using the first stay’s credits after checking into the second hotel but I would only have the one TS credit left, so hopefully it would be pretty straightforward to combine this last credit with one from the second stay?

I don’t know if that would work. We had trouble using credits for dinner on the day we were checking into a new hotel. The online checkin activated the new plan. The manager eventually fixed it but it took some phone calls on his part and we lost our remaining snacks (but they gave us cash credits at our new hotel for the remaining snacks. )

It can probably be done but will be a hassle and might depend on the manager.

You can’t combine credits. The system won’t accept credits from the second plan until all credits from the first are used, and that includes all snack credits too.

Also note that for a Signature meal, you cannot use one credit and pay OOP for the difference. You must use two credits per person. Of course, you can still pay for one person with credits and pay OOP for someone else.

@Nicky_S Thanks. This is exactly what I wanted to know. This is why in 25+ trips, I have rarely added the dining plan! Too much thinking for me!. I think I’ll just stick with my original plan to get the DxDP for the first 2 nights/3 days for DH and me and not get it for the rest of the trip when our sons join us.

Quick hijack of your post…what if I have the Deluxe DP for one night and then the DDP for the remainder and I want to use 1 TS credit on my check out day for dinner. So it would be after my check in to the second hotel. I’m assuming it is doable - but a pain based on previous answers but wanted to ask to be sure?

@tara1719 Theoretically the first night’s credits are good until midnight on check out day, but when you have the second dining plan that kicks in, it gets messy. It’s possible that you explain what you are doing to the server and there’s no issue. But it’s also possible that you have the scenario like @LaurenB experienced. I’ve seen people reporting both ways.

In your case, you might just have to pay in two lots at the restaurant. The first time you will pay for one meal with one TS credit. And then pay for the remaining meals using the credits from the new plan.

But you will still need to have used all the snack credits from the first plan.

When you have two plans like that, it seems to be important you actually check out of the first resort at the front desk. It would probably also help to have checked in to the second resort in person, and ask them to check it’s OK.

Worst scenario, you have to pay with another form of payment (magic band, CC) at the restaurant and then get the front desk of the second resort to sort it out. You’ll be refunded and have the credits deducted.