Columbus Day crowds for MNSSHP

Trying to plan out a loose itinerary for our Oct 2015 Columbus Day week trip. There are three predicted dates for MNSSHP that week. One is on Columbus Day, one the following Thursday and one that Friday. Which MNSSHP do you think is the best bet for lowest crowds? At first, I thought Thursday, but now I’m wondering if Columbus Day will be slow for the party because of people heading home that day. Thoughts?

Thank you! My first post so I apologize if I did anything wrong!

Nothing wrong at all, @Adriaddiemom. Since you are among like minded people, as long as we stay magical, it’s all good.

We’ve always had good luck in early to mid-October. It wasn’t until later in the month it got more hectic. Hope this link helps.

Here’s a link to 2013 & 2014 MNSSHP predictions.


Hi, @Adriaddiemom ! I would suggest taking a look at the previous years predicted busy MNSSHP party dates, ad @NeedaTurkeyLeg mentioned.

Mid week parties are often not as busy, and of course, the earlier in the season you go, the better. Having said that, we attended a sold out MNSSHP last year on October 30th (a Thursday) and had an absolute blast !!

This past October we did mnsshp te Friday after Columbus day… I believe it was sold out and seemed pretty crowded compared to last year, when we went on Thursday night of Columbus week. Now, remember thats more of a walkway/candy lines/ etc feeling… But wait for rides was pretty short both years which is why we love to do (plus candy!!!) so I would say do the Thursday night of you want to see a little bit of a smaller crowd??? I’m planning this year going at the beginning of oct for hopefully less crowds :slight_smile: enjoy planning… I’m alreay starting too!!!

I too am planning for Columbus week trip. Thanks for the advice. I think I will try for the Thursday MNSSH. First time going for Halloween.

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How exciting… I love that time of year and I think mnsshp is so much fun! We are hooked, going next oct for the third time! Already planning our costumes out :wink: haha!!!

Thanks for the link and the feedback! After looking at last year’s predictions, I think we’ll plan on heading to MNSSHP on Monday. It looks like it had a lighter crowd than Thursday or Friday.

I’m LOVING this forum! Thanks everyone!

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Decided to do Thursday because it will be my son’s 7th B-day. Spending the whole day in MK so I think it will be a fun way to end his day.

Not sure if you know but if you get the mnsshp ticket, you can get into mk at 4 pm and not have to use a whole days ticket :slight_smile: it’s a long and tiring night making it to midnight so a lot of liners say to take it easy that morning before an mnsshp! The best part about mnsshp is the low waits for rides (at least I think!) and you can still make FPP from 4-7!!!

Noticed that there is now a Tuesday MNSSHP this week! We’ll be heading to that one. Got our DVC rental booked yesterday so it’s official! Yay!

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As of right now, we are hitting the Thursday party that week.