Collateral Touring Plan

Its been around 20 years since we were last at WDW. We, Nana, Papa, daughter and grandchildren (5 and 2.75), are going in October. I really like the personalized touring plan feature. I start with the One Day Touring Plan for Adults with Small Children adding and subtracting based on what we feel the kids will enjoy as well as some adult only attractions. I am trying to figure out the best way to plan for Nana and the grand kids to go on a ride at the same time as Papa and Daughter do roller coasters For example our current plan for DHS has us hitting the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster first. I think sending Nana off to Mini and Mickey starring in Red Carpet Dreams would be a good call while we ride the coaster then we can pick up at the next step in the plan. As it turns out the only other “conflict” at DHS is the last ride before the Fantasmic Show (which we will have the special entrance passes courteous of lunch at Hollywood and Vine), The Twilight zone Tower of Terror. At this point I expect Nana and the grand kids wont mind a break! So I guess I am curious as to what others do in this situation?


I’m fairly new to TP, but the way I’ve learned to try different options is to use the “Copy” feature. It will copy your existing plan and name it “Copy of …” and you can use it as your plan for the group that will branch off. I’ve done this a few times to try out different scenarios and it’s been very helpful :slight_smile:

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That should work. I’m sure there is a reason why TP has not developed a way to make a branch of a plan. I certainly cant complain this is a great program and the price is right. We started with the book and added the online feature i’m really pleased. I know we will probably adjust on day of visit based on real time data.

The problem of optimizing a route in general is a compute-intensive one. Finding the one very best plan for the things you’ve selected would take a great deal of effort from the servers, and TP’s servers have to 1) give an answer fast enough that you don’t complain or think it’s gone off the rails, 2) serve up a quality answer, so that you can trust the results, and 3) do the first 2 for hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously. It’s a hard problem. Adding a feature where the plan can split into multiple branches would make it even harder.

Thanks. I do realize the what it takes for TP’s servers to do their job. I can only imagine the load put on them especially at peak travel times. So far I think this is a great program and the you cant beat the price! TP must have some fantastic sponsors with deep pockets!