I must say I love this website and message board, as planner this is what I’m all about! Which brings me to a very important question especially considering how early we must get up for RD. Coffee. I understand we all get a refillable mug with the dining plan and that includes coffee. Can this mug be brought with on the buses? Also once in the parks it would be good for water.

Also I understand there are Starbucks in the parks, does anyone know if those locations accept gift cards? I can those for free with reward points at home and figure its a good way to save a few bucks. Thanks!

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Yes, you can bring it on the bus. They will say “for the safety and convenience of others, no eating or drinking please.” Buuuuuuuuut…

You can get cups of ice water at any QS in park, and you could certainly pour it inot your mugs.

Yes, you can use Starbucks app in parks and get rewards points. You cannot redeem rewards in park however (save that for home)

I’ve paid with a SB gift card at Fountain View in EPCOT. Would imagine it’s the same in the other Starbucks.

I believe Starbucks in the parks are
MK: Main St Bakery
EP: Fountain View
HS: Trolley Car Cafe
AK: Creature Comforts

I put Starbucks in our plans a couple of times, but the lines always seemed as long as a ride queue. We ended up passing on lines at Starbucks and using the Joffrey’s carts for coffee instead.

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Getting a large iced coffee in the morning at rope drop is a good idea with minimal waits, but if you were to return let’s say to the MK bakery on Main St around 1 or 2pm for coffee? Lines can be longer than standby queues for rides lol.

Two years ago, we hit the Epcot Starbucks a couple times. Lines were long, but not long. That is, they were long in terms of number of people, but not long in terms of how long it took. They were quite speedy.

I don’t drink coffee myself, but since my wife was getting something, I decided to get a brownie. It was quite possibly the best brownie I’d ever had. Went back two days later, same Starbucks, and they didn’t have any idea what I was talking about (different employee). I guess they rotate through different treats and the second day we were they was a day they did NOT carry the brownies. I was sad. Very very sad.

I thank you very much for providing this information. I am not a huge Starbucks person, but I splurge on vacation!

can you redeem free drinks via the app at the Starbucks locations within the parks, and can you order your drinks ahead on the app like you can at home or are they park ones run differently?

I find the resort coffee at Disney is terrible. Next trip I plan on bringing those Starbucks Via instant packets. They’re actually not bad :slight_smile:


I had that same brownie from the Main Street Bakery back in 2010. Enormous and to die for!

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Thank you all for the input! I now want one of these brownies too!


I just learned that you can use a snack credit for a drink at Starbucks. Last trip we had a ton of snack credits left over - now that I know this trick I think I will be getting a Venti every morning and using up some of those snack credits!

Yes, has been this way for as long as I can remember. Very much worth it to use snack credits on the larger frozen drinks there