Coffee pot at Boulder Ridge

Does anyone know what kind of coffee pot they have in the villas at Boulder Ridge at Wilderness Lodge? I don’t know if i need Keirig in pods or just coffee.

It’s the same coffee pot as everywhere else. They are not Keurigs. Just the flat bottom pods. But they give you plenty so you don’t need to bring unless you are particular.

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I think they are the typical 12-cup coffeemakers, judging by the room photos on Disney’s site. These are DVC rooms, and usually have the larger coffeemakers instead of the small 1- or 2-serving Cuisinart ones that use the flat pillow-like pods found in the value and moderate standard rooms.

They are the same idea, just bigger!

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Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t sure from reading your post, which size you were meaning. Thanks!

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Basically, just standard coffee pots. You can use regular filters and coffee the traditional way, but you can also buy the large pods which are just ground coffee wrapped in filters. The latter are a matter of convenience, not requirement.

Yep. My point still being that you don’t really have to buy or bring anything!

True, depending on number of days you may be staying, of course. I felt like in BWV, there was only enough for 2 days…but my memory may be wrong. I do know we brought coffee and used it.

You can call and get more (it is free).

But for how much longer… :wink:

(Actually, I didn’t know it was free beyond what they room came with initially…after that, I thought you had to go down to the little store and buy more! This is good to know!)

They used to charge for it but a year or two ago they said you can now call for coffee, laundry detergent (1 bedroom or above), towels and shampoo (where it is not on the wall)?