Coffee outside the parks

Posting this for my DS, who is just starting the DCP and is entirely unfamiliar with WDW. (He was last there 16 years ago.)

A young lady has suggested they get coffee this afternoon when she finishes Traditions. DS wants to know where to get coffee. There are two Starbuckses in Disney Springs, and Contemporary Grounds in the Contemporary is a Joffrey’s kiosk.

Whence do the Liners recommend caffeinated refreshments outside the parks? New DCP’ers do not have park admission yet.

I’m all, “Go to the Boardwalk,” because Boardwalk. Not entirely objective, though.

Maybe they should go offsite? DS has his car, so that’s transportation.

Thank you in advance. :grinning:

Nevermind. She wants to go to the coffee shop (Lickety Split) at the Four Seasons.

How is he enjoying the program so far?

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He’s having a ball. He had Traditions yesterday and enjoyed it immensely. They gave the DCP’ers their ID’s - photos were taken Monday - and it’s the most beautiful picture of the most naturally happy smile I’ve ever seen. Woodrow tends to ham it up for pics - this one is a work of art. He’s riding the monorail to Epcot right now just to ride it. Sniffle!


So exciting! I wish my girls could have done the DCP! Their scholarships would have been cut off if they missed a semester and it didn’t work for them after graduation. Heck, I’d like to do a DCP :relaxed:


Yep, I would like to have done the DCP, too!

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