Coffee Makers at All-Star Music?

I’m finding conflicting information when I search for this information. It seems it used to be true that the Standard or Preferred rooms didn’t have coffee makers in-room, however now all the videos I’ve seen of renovated rooms do seem to have them.

Since I think the renovation at All-Star Music is complete, is it safe to assume that a Preferred room would have a coffee maker in-room?

I think it’s safe to assume all the standard and preferred rooms have a coffeemaker. It would be the same one (or two) cup at a time style, which uses a flat pod of coffee grounds. Perhaps years ago, the lower tiers did not have in-room coffeemakers, but they all do, now. I know Pop has them, from personal experience.

ASMo had coffee makers in the standard rooms we stayed in at the end of November/early December 2021. They had the same renovations as ASMu.