Coffee cups in the pop food court?

Does the POP food court have paper coffee cups so I can grab a cup of coffee and go? (I assumed so, but read a post to bring paper cups, so following up.)

I’m guessing, but I think reason to bring your own disposable is for if you are using the refillable mug and don’t want to carry it to the park. Fill up reusable mug, take to room, transfer to paper cup, head to park. I’m sure others will chime in their advice. Otw, if buying cup of coffee each time, it should come in disposable cup.

They do have them if you are paying per visit hutnifnusong refillable you use the refillable.

Did you work a double? LOL

Anyhoo, if you mention to the cashier that you have a refillable mug, I think they’ll trust you and hand you a paper cup. I’ve done that at Boardwalk with no issue.


No but I am really dragging. I worked Tues night and then yesterday my son was home sick, vomiting, fever and then I had to come back tonight. I’m slowly dying.

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Don’t forget to take care of yourself too!!