Coffee? Always important!

I was wondering if there are single serve coffee makers in POR-royal room.
Going in 6/2015. I usually drink one cup coffee in the morning. We are going to bring a cooler and do breakfast in the room so wondering about coffee. I can always grab some in the parks if needed but would love to have some early to start the day. Do I bring my own pods?

Pretty sure all mods and above come with the pod style makers. Sadly I was just in a royal room in November and now can’t remember for sure because we don’t drink coffee. They do provide 2 pods so it will depend on if you want more than that or don’t want housekeeping services every day of your stay.


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If you like a particular type of coffee, or you like your coffee stronger than dishwater (i.e. stronger than Dunkin’s), then I strongly suggest you bring your own pods.

I do like a stronger cup of coffee so thanks brklinck for that tip.
Does anyone know what type of pods they are? I have a single serve keurig at home, but I know there are several other brands.
Thanks everyone

It’s been a couple of years, but I seen to recall it was the flat pods, not the keurig kind. Maybe someone who was there more recently can confirm? Our maybe it’s worth a call to the resort itself.

They aren’t kcup’s like the keurigs use. More like this…

They are pretty standard size so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thanks everyone! Everyone so helpful. I’m getting addicted to this forum. It’s so fun! All this planning! I am so excited for our trip in June! I feel like I have been waiting forever to take my kids to Disney (and myself!) Only my second trip in lifetime as my first one was in 1984 (I was 14 years old)! It was a special trip because it was the last family trip we took with my Dad. He died the next year of a heart attack at the young age of 40. His favorite ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, so I’m looking forward to riding that in his memory. This will be the first time I have stayed on Disney property too. In 84 we stayed with my Uncle Tom in Daytona. We are also big Harry Potter fans so excited for universal Harry Potter World.

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I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but Pirates will be closed all summer. It’s in need a big refurb.

As @Outer1 said, the machines use pods, not K cups. You can buy your own pods in a wide variety of styles at

Enjoy your trip. You’ll just have to plan a repeat to ride PoC. That’s a very valid reason!
I also ride space one time by myself every trip in honor of my dad, as that was his favorite ride. That, and Country Bear Jamboree. Good memories.
We are also staying POR royal rooms in June. Maybe we’ll be neighbors. :slight_smile:


Thanks all. Yes ElastiGirl maybe we’ll be neighbors! Yes, another trip will be in order for sure!

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Now that we settled that for POR, what about Yacht Club? Do they use the same pods? Thanks!

All Mods use the same coffee machines.

Yacht Club is a deluxe. Any idea if they use the same one?

Sorry - lining while drinking. All Mods and Deluxes use the same pods. :slight_smile:

OK, thanks.

But if you can afford YC or BC then by all means go for it!!! They are AMAZING! lol

Yeah, we scrimped and saved, and we’re going to do it this trip. 125 days till we’re there!

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Well if you’re going deluxe don’t forget the extra 15%+ from Orbitz. It’s makes a big difference. We got AKL for the a hair more than we paid for POR last year with that. Plus we got the Orbitz points that actually covered a hotel night on another stay we did elsewhere.