CoCola re-fill cups

Hi All, three weeks off going to Orlando from UK, and heard that UOR have these re-fill mugs? $12.99 per day and all your re-fills are free???
Are they worth it compared to buying drinks as you go? I have two teenage kids who love a soda or four. We are staying at Cabana Bay and heard that they do something similar? but we can’t use these mugs in the parks…all very confusing


Sorry, did you post this question a few days ago too? I saw it but do not know the answer. Have you seen the Universal lines app? Although the replies are not as instantaneous as the wdw lines app the Universal chat most likely would help you with this question.

Let’s see. I don’t know much, but here’s what I do know.

  1. Cabana Bay mugs and park mugs are different and not interchangable.

  2. If you drink a lot of soda, it’s worth it. We got one for our family to share and got water cups when we did a sitdown meal and shared the soda. At the time, you could only refill every 5 minutes or so. You couldn’t do back-to-back refills.

Ok, so I got the freestyle mug with the dining plan this week. It really depends on how much soda/Pop you’ll drink during the day and if you’re willing to stand in line to get it to determine if it is worth it.

Unlimited refills that day in the parks including both Coke-a-cola brand beverages and icee frozen drinks. The average cost of soda is $3.00/cup and icees are $5.00, so if you fill it 5 times with soda or 3 times with icees you will have equaled what you would buying these items out of pocket.

Expensive - they cost $14.99 each of purchased individually or as part of the quick service dining plan.

You can only get a refill every 10 minutes and water counts against that (I used a small amount of water to rinse my cup at a freestyle machine and then wasn’t able to fill it for 10 minutes).

You have to carry the mug with you and then have to get a locker to store it on many attractions.

You can only use it in the parks, not at the hotels.

So I would say it’s worth it if you’re already having to get a locker, don’t mind waiting in line for drinks throughout the day and will drink enough to resolve it a minimum of 3-5 times depending on what your drinking.

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