Coco attraction?

Are there any Coco related things at any park? Thanks!

Mariachi Cobre used to do a Coco show throughout last summer and for Day of the Dead. It isn’t on right now, but keep an eye out if you are traveling in summer - perhaps it will return. It was very popular, I think.

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Last time we were at WDW there were some Coco related displays in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot. Not sure if they are still present.

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The mexico pavilion has Coco-related displays in the first room when you enter. One of them is an interactive game where you can design a (skeleton) character, both of my kids (5 and 8) played around with it. The marketplace inside the pavilion has Coco merchandise in one stall.

So not a lot, but a little bit.


Thanks! It’s one of my daughters favorites. Will check out Mexico!

I’m so excited!


Only until June 1st. Bummer. Hope folks going earlier enjoy it though.

Saw this yesterday and I’d love to see it when were there in May. Do they put out a schedule at some point so I can coordinate it or is it random?

There was a schedule last year.

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They just use the Mariachi Cobre schedule!

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When I was there there were separate times, it was the regular mariachi Cobre in the later afternoon and the coco show earlier in the day - or maybe vice versa. I believe it was only certain days too. (I know wasn’t every time because I missed it :cry:)

Yes it was different, we missed it too because it was pouring with rain and we decided to do it another day.