CMs Getting Event Nights

I guess after the complaints & media backlash that CM’s haven’t been able to even get Park Reservations, WDW has decided to host 15 nights for them to come out to play

WDW has revealed details about “Cast Member EARidescent Evenings,” a series of 15 events for CMs (+1 guest) taking place this summer.

The events will happen after park close - no impact on guests.

The limited-capacity events will include attractions and character appearances.

Internal communication went out today. Cast Members will be able to choose one of the 15 event dates over the summer and bring a guest of their choosing.

(Reported by: Scott Gustin)


Yes, I’ve talked to several CMs over the months that have been sad about NOT being able to get a park reservation.

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after park close

So not closing early?

Nope. Closing time is the same as the days around the CM events.

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Rock on then, my dudes. I only have a little issue when it cuts into guests who’ve spent a ton of money on these tickets.

If they wanna give after-hours to CMs, I’m all for it.

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Wait. That’s crap. give them more opportunities if it doesn’t impact guests.


But don’t you need CMs to work the CM events?

All the more reason to do more and allow them multiple opportunities. Not just “1 of 15”


I’m in DHS on June 10 but was already planning on being out early. Was kind of hoping this WOULD impact closing time as that tends to drive lower crowds when people realize a park won’t be open all day, for whatever reason (this is anecdotal, I have no proof of this mathematically).

Understandable, but given the cost of Disney tickets, and because —like @SirGreggLadyV noted— they need CMs to run the attractions regardless, I feel it’s better to let the hours run as long as they can.

In fact, instead of the “cm parties” I think they should instead give the CMs, who would have signed up to go on those nights, “super passes.” Where they can lightning lane every attraction they want, all day, no restrictions or amount limits.

Then something like the “1 of 15” would make more sense to me.


During my years at working Corporate at Six Flags all the Corporate people had to get trained to operate a ride or two. (or lifeguard training for water park) This way we could be the ones running the nighttime and other family events for our staff.

(Along with having to operate attractions in the very early spring for band/cheerleaders while our younger crew were still actually at school!)

Sadly, this would get out of control so fast! (Maybe I am just a pessimist)

Why would you think so? I’m thinking if they make it limited availability, and maybe some internal restrictions so it is fair to those who’ve been there for a while vs just hired, I dont think it’d be bad for anyone except for a bit longer standby line.

Certainly not worse than killing 1/3 of a day to customer revenue.

IME / IMHO - It has nothing to do with crowds or revenue.You can’t give younger people unlimited access to something like this. They’ll exploit it, blow it up on socials or generally cause a scene. I’m sorry to be so negative, but I’ve seen it when you try to mix day guests and staff like that. It’s better to give them their own time / space and let them go crazy!

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I’m hoping to be DD’s +1 at one of these! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: