CM Brunch vs. CP lunch

I have more TS meals and I need to decide which of these to drop. DD4 loves the Fab 5, but we have 2 days in MK (and one day in DHS- no other parks) and I know she’ll be able to meet them there. She would like to meet Pooh and Tigger, which I think we can do at Pooh’s ride per Kenny the Pirate, for most of the day. CP reservation is a late lunch before we leave the park for afternoon break on a long park day (arriving for 8:00am BOG breakfast, and coming back for the evening). CM is on our non-park day for brunch (I’m not terribly excited about the brunch menu).

Any opinions?

If it’s just Pooh and Tigger she wants to meet, I would drop CP and keep CM. Meeting the Fab5 in park would require three lines: Donald and Goofy, Minnie and Daisy, and Mickey. You also don’t get to meet Pluto. Meeting Pooh and Tigger I think is one line - or you can try in Epcot at the England pavilion.

I agree the food is meh, but in either case you’re really paying for the experience. And I’d your doing brunch, with an ADR that spans breakfast and lunch, it’s usually quieter, so the characters may have more time to spend with your daughter.