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Sun Jan 27: MK 1(4) EP 2(5) HS 1(7) AK 1(7)
Crazy low figures yesterday, but cold and heavy rain all day I hear, so not really useful for most comparisons, except that if you really don’t care about it you can go on a rainy day and get a LOT done.


We are in WDW now and decided not to go to the park yesterday. it was just too cold and literally rained all day. I’m sure most guests did the same. So far this trip has been way colder then I could have ever imagined. We’ve worn heavy jackets every day. Real bummer, but trying not to let it get us down. Could be worse, we could be back home in Michigan. I would expect locals are staying home.


What a shame about the weather, it looks like you’ve been really unlucky with that. The forecast is much better for most of this week though, I hope you can make the most of it!


Oh wow. It felt like it for sure.


So true. We were at MK yesterday and it was dead. But really cold and wet. We did do a lot though.


I was in the park yesterday. If you can deal with the rain and move around quickly with kids it was awesome as everything was pretty much walk on.


So true


Monday was a day of under-predictions across the board:
Mon Jan 28: MK 8(5) EP 7(5) HS 8(6) AK 8(6)
First time we’ve seen that this month.
Perhaps it was the pent up demand from the super low attendance on the previous rainy day? Anyone share their park experiences?


I was in HS and it seemed very very crowded. 8 seems right. Everything was busy.


I was at MK and it felt like an 8. From conversations with other guests I agree that it was mainly because people didn’t go out due to the rainy, cold weather all day on the previous day.


Sunday was our last day but if we’d had a flex day in our plan, we definitely would have changed our plans for that day. I bet a lot of people did that.


We had the same pre-Star Wars trip planned for mid-November, but when WDW changed the opening from “late fall” to “fall” a few weeks ago, we changed out trip to October. There are some who are speculating on a mid-October to mid-November opening now, but the truth is that right now nobody really knows because there is lots of time for WDW to either (a) make up ground and open earlier or (b) run into delays and push the time frame back.

The one thing that “concerns” me (concern being relative because in the scheme of life a vacation is not so important) is that if I were WDW, I would want Galaxy Edge up and running smoothy before the crazy Thanksgiving crowds (followed a few weeks later by the Christmas crowds) if possible. So, I suspect WDW would like to open GE by the end of October/beginning of November if they are able to.


In MK now. Crowds feel like an 8.


Yikes, supposed to just be a 4 today.


Definitely not a 4. Quite disappointed


Interesting. We were in MK yesterday (only until 1 pm) but it didn’t feel like an 8 at all. We did everything we wanted easily.


Given the number of people who normally descend on WDW for Thanksgiving and Xmas, coupled with Star Wars fans hearing it will be open for Thanksgiving and Xmas, I’d have to believe they’d want to get it open for previews/soft openings/media whatever long before Thanksgiving.


Tue Jan 29: MK 7(4) EP 5(5) HS 5(6) AK 7(7)
Tuesday was pretty accurate apart from a significantly higher MK actual.
Thanks to everyone reporting from the ground, it’s really helpful! @wilks09, you pretty much nailed that actual CL guess yesterday.
Today’s due to be a 5 3 5 4, let’s hope for those of you there it turns out that way. Let us know how you get on!


Firstly, wow this thread just hit 3k views, I’m glad it’s proving so interesting!
Wed Jan 30: MK 5(5) EP 3(3) HS 3(5) AK 5(4)
Good accuracy on predictions yesterday, way to to TP!
Today has some intriguingly high CL8s for HS and AK, I’m very interested to see how those turn out on a random Thursday at the end of January. 2017 figures for Tue 31st were 4543, and the nearest Thursday 2nd Feb 4333, so that’s a BIG jump.
There’s been a few threads about the strange waiting times seen this week too, with suggestions some capacity shaping might be going on after all. If you’re in the parks, keep letting us know what you see, and how it feels!


I was in MK and AK yesterday and crowds felt like 5-6. Definitely not as bad as Monday and Tuesday. Seems to be a lot of oversees tourists and tour groups. Not sure about any operational tweaks. Rides seem staffed just a lot more people in the parks than I expected. I don’t see many refreshing MDE for fast passes though :yum: