CLWatch - Keeping an eye on the new estimated Crowd Levels


Yes, MK yesterday was wonderful. We got a late start and had a relaxing time, but still revisited everything we wanted and more. It was our last day in the parks and we’re already a couple of hours up the road on our way home. Of course we spent the first part of our trip figuring out when we’ll come back!

Hope the CLs continue their downward trend for you all!


I took a last minute trip from Jan 9 - 13, booked on a whim. (I’m crazy like that … ) Then I looked at CL predictions and was aghast. No matter, I forged ahead. Going solo, if I ran into insanity, I could ditch out, go shopping at DS, hop to a different park, resort hop, hang at the resort … whatever suited the moment.

Imagine my surprise - and delight - that the crowds were quite low! Even the buses were near empty. I swear, Friday morning, from POFQ to HS, I was one of SIX people on the bus at 9:00 am!

Saturday, at AK, it was supposed to be CL 9. Nope! I even managed to snag a same day FP for FoP, and rode or did everything I wanted to, including a nice leisurely lunch at the Nomad lounge. I met friends for drinks at Trader Sam’s, and then a fun evening at MK where we walked onto most rides.

Now hubs and I have another trip planned over a long weekend for Valentine’s Day. I’m hoping for the same magic then too!


Any idea when the next update will happen?


Early Feb probably.


I can’t help but be a little angry that I was a part of that 2018 crowd shaping effort. We were there last year from 1/28-2/05 and it sucked. Glad it seems as if it was a fluke, but still makes me grumbly.


This is my issue with optimizing as well. I either have to make a plan with only my priority items or make a plan with everything and then try to decide what to skip.


We were at MK that day too! The rain scare may have been our best friend!


Looks like the rain was definitely part of it on Thursday, Friday was a bit busier but still well below some of the predictions. HS especially seems to be consistently well below predictions this week.
Fri Jan 25: MK 6(6) EP 3(5) HS 5(9) AK 7(8)


We were at Epcot and HS yesterday and it felt even less crowded than those numbers. So amazing. Today at AK it’s insane.


Yep, you hit a 10!
Sat Jan 26: MK 9(9) EP 6(7) HS 8(7) AK 10(9)
Impressively accurate predictions for Saturday, never more than 1 CL out.


I think this illustrates that Saturdays are now pretty much always crazy busy.


Hi guys!
Do late November’s crowd estimates have anything to do with a possible Star Wars opening or is that completely out of the equation?


I don’t know if that’s factored in yet, but I did see elsewhere that Galaxy’s Edge would likely be open in the October/November timeframe.


Yes, Saturday at AK was nuts but our tp was on point! And it’s pro bowl and marathon weekend so I think that was part of it too.

Past Crowd Calendar

Ehmmm. Where did you see this? :flushed:

We have a trip planned for early/mid-November and omg what if it’s open by then… this was going to be our pre-Star Wars trip!


I think it’s simply the fact originally they said it was ‘late fall’ and recent reports have just used ‘fall’.
The fact the free dining ends September 30th has been flagged as another possible factor but most experts I’ve listened to seem to think mid-November will be the earliest and post Thanksgiving is most likely.


Oooookay. I can deal with that. I’d be 50% delighted and 50% horrified if they announced it was opening while we’re there… like, omg WOW YAY but also holy crowds Batman.

Also, I am already feeling pretty good about my very preliminary plans and that would throw them into utter disarray!


wdwmagic… There are a few people in their forums who have an impeccable track record for rumors that do come to pass - they apparently have inside connections.



Ok… ok. I’m only slightly panicking. Like, just a tiny bit. Did they say if they think it will be closer to October, or…?


What they are saying is range is early Oct to just before Thanksgiving depending on how well the construction goes. But Disney wants to open it ASAP.