Club Villian & Symphony in the Stars dessert party ending?

Are these 2 events going away after 5/28? That is the last date available for either of those. Or have they just not opened up availability for June & beyond?

I have not seen any rumor or speculation regarding June dates yet. Been wondering the same thing myself.

Once the new SW fireworks/projection show is up and running, it will replace the current Symphony of the Stars, and will run every night. As far as I know, that date has not been announced yet (they are still finishing up construction on the new launch area). I think they are shooting for Memorial Day weekend, but given the “speed” of WDW construction projects, who knows. Don’t know about Villains; it may be one of those things they open on a month-by-month basis, depending on popularity- or else, once the SW show is running, they’ll just drop it completely.