Club level stay

How did u like it. Best ways to utilize. Is it good with dining plan. Which hotel has best one?

I have have had great experiences and very bad experiences staying CL. I have stayed in YC, BC AKL, Poly and WL. My favorite is WL. It has great food, amazing cast members and just a wonderful experience. I would not get the dining plan.

MouseSavers has some good information on Club Level at WDW -

In summary, they feel that there is no way to justify the additional expense in terms of “getting your money’s worth.”

I’ve not stayed CL at WDW, but I have for an anniversary trip to NOLA. For there it was excellent. We had a nice lazy breakfast every morning before we started touring the city, and then had free drinks and heavy hors d’oeurves at around 5:00 when we came back to the hotel to clean up and change for a late dinner. This would not work for me at WDW as I want to get out of the hotel a quickly as possible to make RD, and as I rarely go back to the resort in the afternoon (and if I do it’s to get changed for a full signature dinner at one of the resorts). I can’t justify the cost for maybe a muffin in the AM and a beer or two on some afternoons.

Years ago when are kids were little we got the dining plan. When we checked into BC we got upgraded to CL. We couldn’t eat all the food between DP and CL. Since then we try CL at BC or YC. Less hassle

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I too would avoid the dining plan if you’re staying club level. We’ve done CL at the Poly only. We really enjoyed it the first time not on the DP. The second time on the DDP we thought we’d explode. (felt like a monty python skit. “but sir it’s only a wafer thin mint” google it…if you dare)

I will always be an advocate for CL; we do YC or BC. However, please note that my idea of a meal might be different than a lot of folks. We did the Dining Plan the first year it was available and got bumped to CL as well…way too much food.

Breakdown time…
Breakfast: We get full breakfast and can easily make a RD. I recall the last time for breakfast that yogurt & granola, hard boiled eggs and fruit was perfect for making me full (they also have pastries & cereal). Then, I pack an extra apple or crossiant and eat second breakfast in the parks.

Lunch: moot, they just have chips and cookies but I usually was still full from second breakfast + had a park snack + was hovering for early apps around 5pm…or we do an ADR lunch and no ADR dinner.

Dinner: The food they provide for dinner was absolutely enough to have me full. I am a BIG fan of appetizers/shared plates and “grazing” in general. The times @BenF12400 and I had an “appetizer” or a “taste” at CL before an ADR we were never able to finish our ADR meal. Beer and wine, enough said.

Other: very friendly CMs, always nice floral decorations (idk I notice flowers wherever I go).