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Good Morning Everyone!
I have discovered some good news that we will be in Florida over the holidays next year. So I can’t do that without a quick trip to WDW. I will only be able to sneak my family away for one night away from the rest of the family. The only night that looks promising at this point is New Years Eve. Regardless of the exact night - it will be a holiday night and big crowds.

We will only be able to stay at WDW for 1 night. We will only be able to rope drop the next morning.

My thoughts were to book a club level room so I can get 6 fast passes for the afternoon and evening before.

My question is how much (not exact - order of magnitude) is a club level room?

Which park would you rope drop? I am thinking MK.

Which park would you try to get 6 fast passes for and spend New Year Eve and why? I am thinking HS with hopes that ROTR has fast passes by then.

Which park would you rope drop the next day and why?

We have one person in our group; DD is bringing boyfriend who has never been to WDW or Orlando. I am thinking this makes MK a requirement, right?

In need of your wisdom!! :hugs:

This is the first time I have had a trip in the works and have another trip plan starting. I am so excited. I almost feel like one of you guys!

Oh one more question!! Sorry just over excited.

If I get a club level room and 3 additional fast passes can I make them for two different parks? Or does the one park rule still apply?

On New Year’s Even you’re going to pay full price for a club level room at any resort. I would guess that’s going to put you in the range of $600-$1000 per night, depending on where you book. And maybe someone who knows more can chime in here, but I thought that the additional club level fastpasses had to be purchased for a minimum of three days. I’m not sure if it’s a service available for a one night/two park day trip. There are no restrictions on the fastpasses (so yes, you can book them in different parks) and they cost $50 per person, per day. Sorry if I’m shattering your dreams, but I do believe your plan won’t work because you can’t purchase three days worth.


If you are looking to do club level for just one night, then you won’t get access to the extra FP. At least that is how it has been. I think you need a three night minimum. I wasn’t sure if you were staying at WDW the whole time or only the one night.


Yes 3 days minimum.


I will see if I can pull off an extra day.

Are the club level rooms suites? Can I fit 6 people in a club level room?

Oh three nights won’t work.

So if the extra fast passes wasn’t an option. Which park would you go to new years eve and which would you rope drop New years day?

Aside: if you’re looking to book a specific room (such as a club level) I would get that done NOW. You can book rooms up to 499 days in advance and I would expect that NYE would go lickety split.

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Do you know if they are suites?

I don’t think three nights will work regardless but if I can convince the DH that we can take a 3 day sabbatical from his family then it would be an option if they are suites.

There are a couple of suites? WL has one, YC and AKL I believe have 1 bedrooms but they might not sleep 6? Honestly, what they would cost you might be better off with a private tour?


That’s really smart advice @Principal It would cost OP less than the cost of one night’s club level stay to do the tour


Private tour was the other option I was considering.
Maybe private tour new years eve and then rope drop new years day.

That will likely be less expensive and still amazing.

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They do have suites that fit 6 but you’d have to go with a two bedroom suite and that’s going to be very expensive and not available at every deluxe. The two-bedroom suite with club level access at Beach Club next New Year’s is almost $2400 per night. It might be less expensive to get two standard rooms, honestly. Those are only $752 per night.

If you can’t do three night, you could do two nights, three park days, perhaps?


Oh, I like the private tour idea!!

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I will try to get more than two days. but we have other family to think about. Plus I don’t want them to get wind that we are sneaking out for one night.

Then I will be trying to figure out how to accommodate 20 people. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


A WL deluxe CL room sleeps 6.

Poly also has a whole long house with suites?


Hi! Just to clarify you don’t need 3 nights just 3 days. I stayed 2 nights club level with 3 day tickets and purchased extra fast passes.


Good to know. That could be a game changer.

WL CL over new years will be over $2k for two nights plus three days of extra fast passes. So I have to weight that against a private tour plus a non-club level suite or two standard rooms.

As always - this group has amazing advice!

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The private tour is still going to cost a lot, though. It’s has a minimum (six hours, I think?) and starts at $425 per hour – which varies by season. I assume you’re going to pay top dollar for New Year’s Eve and then you have to factor in the tip, too. Honestly might end up being just as expensive as club level in the end! At least with club level you get food and drinks, too.

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