Club Level / DSS Planning

We will be staying club level for next trip, have not used Disney Signature Services before. Has anyone here, and how was the experience? They say they will book ADRs and FPPs, but I do not know their success rates. Hoping someone here can share their experience. Thanks.

Oh! What Club will you be staying at? Will you book the extra FPs?

It used to be that you worked directly with each club, and I have not used the new system yet. I love making ADRs and a FP. I have heard you should do your own fast passes but sometimes it seems they can get ADRs.

Edited to add: how many ADRs are you booking?

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We will be at Poly.

Have not decided if extra FPP will be needed. Short trip so we could use them at least one day.

I am mostly worried about pre-RD breakfast. Do you think DSS has a better chance of securing them than I do?

Are there two of you? Can you try with a family member’s MDE? The Poly staff are wonderful. If you want filtered water for the room ask them for a carafe.

Good thought, thanks.

Their hours are later than when ADRs and fastpasses open up. So on the day you are able to book these, you would be behind if you let them book them for you. They would do it, but they but they are much better at booking special extra experiences, like the Enchanting Extras and the like. The extra fastpass thing would be something they could help you with for sure, but you must book at least 3 days of that (you couldn’t just do 1 day).

Thanks, I know DSS doesn’t open until 9 but wasn’t sure if they could book earlier.