Club level changes

Can anyone describe specific club level changes or post a link to an article describing them in detail? The perks to me were: location, FPP advantage, food and drink availability. To my understanding none of those things are offered. I want to keep my reservation but don’t want to pay club level price for nothing. I’ve avoided phone lines due to all the craziness and was hoping for an article - but google search has limited details. Thanks for any guidance!

I’ve seen a few reports where CL guests were moved by Disney and refunded the difference.

I think you’ll have to call to find out anything. Basically there is no CL for now.

Are there plans to bring them back at any point?

Just the usual “during this initial opening phase Club Level is not offered”. Nothing more that I’ve seen.

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It is so funny, Universal has CL open.


I feel like Universal is having a good war.