Club Level booking starts June 4th

Club Level is back!

Booking starts tomorrow, June 4th for the following resorts:

  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa – Royal Palm Club – Sept. 16, 2021
  • Disney’s BoardWalk Resort – Sept. 23, 2021
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Sept. 26, 2021
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Dec. 16, 2021
  • Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort – Dec. 16, 2021

Poly, Yacht & Beach Club and AKL to open later (no clues as to what this means).

Couldn’t find it on the WDW site - but then I always get the U.K. site which is often behind.


This is great news! Thank you for posting!

I wonder what this means as far as Fastpasses go. The main attraction for Club Level for us were the extra Fastpass benefits. Wonder if Disney will update us on what their plan will be going forward as the only other reason to book club level is the lounge. Not sure if the price increase is worth it just for that.


Wondering the same thing… what other perks are there besides okay food.

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I guess you could drink your money’s worth during happy hour with ok wine, beer and alcohol options.

We find club level is helpful to have some extra space to lounge.

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I enjoyed club when I did it, but really liked getting those extra fast passes! Poly had good choices, not knocking it, would do it again! But hoping more perks come back!

It seems unlikely there would be food sitting out too if buffets are still closed. Wonder what it would include.

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I wonder if the fact they aren’t coming back until September or later means that maybe that won’t be an issue by then?


That’s my burning question as well. Although we did like the extra-big room at the Boardwalk, which AFAIK we couldn’t get anywhere but club level. The lounge is okay, basically because we didn’t have to wait for food. I hate waiting around for pretty much anything. Although the FP did make it so we could minimize walking which is also pretty important to me.

Good point. I hope that is the case.

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Ohhh. Good point. Maybe buffets are returning in the Fall. My kids love buffets since they get to see the food before they pick what they want.

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Maybe at least it will be cafeteria style by then. I’m somewhat picky and would likely waste a lot of food served family style, so I do hope they return in some format. Also I reallllllllllly want the 100 Acre Woods characters back in Crystal Palace.

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I was planning to book club level for the extra fast passes. In my dreams club level will get you a free or discounted lightning pass if that ever really becomes a thing.


We share the same dream!

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I booked it for two days of our trip hoping against hope there will be fast passes by late October. The idea of doing the 50th without them is starting to sound like pure misery.

Interesting! CL are indeed showing up now at least for the first three mentioned resorts when I searched for dates in december. For Contemporary the cost was same as regular rooms as the price is at the very highest already I think, around $1k…

I couldn’t find any available CL rooms at GF for March 2022. Maybe they haven’t loaded yet?

Hmm. If CL included FP I’d switch our first reservation at Bay Lake to Contemporary, but the other perks of CL aren’t enough to make it worthwhile.