Club level @ Beach Club

Staying CL @ BC in Feb w/ a 2 bdrm suite…
Only 2 room options: second floor nearer the lobby, or third floor at the end of the resort closest to Epcot. With the Stone Harbor lounge on the 5th floor near the lobby elevators it seems like the second floor room might be best, even though it’ll be a little longer walk to EP & HS.
BC pros… what say you?

What a coincidence. Last year we stayed in the very last room in the hallway closest to Epcot. My wife who loves Epcot and hates walking, was outright giddy at her good fortune. Last month we stayed by the elevators. Both times on the 4th floor. Considering how often we went to the lobby, parking lot, pool, gift shop, quick service restaurant, and front desk, it was my turn to be happy. If I had to throw in access to the Stone Harbor lounge, the wife would just have to bear and grin it IMHO. :innocent:

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If you love Seafood, your staying at the right place. Cape May’s Café is in the Beach Club Resort and it is a all you can eat crab legs, huge shrimp, and more. :yum: