Club Level at Beach Club

Does anyone know what room numbers are closest to the Club Lounge on the Club Level at Beach Club? It isn’t noted on the room finder map and I want to request rooms closest to the Lounge. Thank you!

Are you sure you want a room close to the lounge?Its noisy at times and the elevators are right there - more noise

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We were in room 5631 which is very close to the lounge without being next to the lounge and elevators. This room had a king size bed and club chair that folded out into a single wide bed (7 year old granddaughter was fine with this). Looks out onto courtyard at the rear entrance of the Lobby with the pool on the other side of it behind a stand of trees. I mention this because the lights and sounds were noticed one night by DGD which could be an issue for some littles.

I believe the lounge is very close to the elevators on the 5th floor. On the room finder there are two black blocks, I’m not sure what these are supposed to signify but its right there. The aisle towards south from there (with 10 rooms and a large suite) is a pretty convenient location.

I don’t need to be super close but my husband and son will walk back and forth from the lounge while I am trying to get our toddler to sleep, so I just don’t want them to have to walk a mile to get there. We have stayed on the Club Level before, I just can’t remember which room numbers are closer to the lounge,