Club Level - 3 Extra Fast Passes

Has anyone here stayed club level and purchased the three extra fast passes per day? I am wondering if they are any time fast passes or if they cannot overlap - for example, they have to be 9 am, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 and cannot be 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30, 11, 11:30. Does that make sense? I did call and ask and was put on hold forever because they didn’t know. Then I messaged someone and they said they cannot overlap, so I just wanted to confirm and hear from a real person if they are beneficial. If they were for any time, I think they would be beneficial for me, but not if they cannot overlap.

I’m fairly certain that the times cannot overlap. I think except for lack of tier levels and original limit of three per day, these extra ones follow the same general rules as the original three


They cannot overlap.

The normal FPs also cannot duplicate rides booked with the CL FPs, although some people have changed their normal FPs within the 60 day window to do that and been fine. Others were warned they would be deleted.

You can modify the normal FPs, but not the CL ones (signature services need to do that for you).


DSS apparently is also limited to the same availability pool regarding the FPs, so keep that in mind if you think that DSS will be able to score a FOP or SDMT for you easily on the day of touring…

I am also curious if there are any good strategies for using these extra FPs, such as:

  • use the extras first, since they are locked in (i.e. only DSS can modify them), and you are free to modify the normal FPs later in the day\night
  • use the normal FPs first, then you can grab more later, scheduled around or after the extra CL FPs
  • don’t worry about it and just enjoy the 6 secured FPs you have, built in to your touring plan

I am leaning toward the latter strategy, as my family will probably be too tired to grab any additional FPs disappointed_relieved::sob:

Are all 6 available at 90 days?

DSS will book all 6 on the days you are using CL ones. And will book them for everyone in your room, even those who are not getting the extra ones.

What is DSS

All I can read it as is Dept of Social Services. I’m sure you don’t mean that :joy:

Guessing Disney Signature Services from another post, but could be making that up.

It means Dept of Social Services to me at work too…


I purchased the club level fast passes but haven’t used them yet. Reserved viewing for a night time show is also included and it doesn’t have to be for the same park that you booked the Fast Passes.

Yes, Disney Signature Services.

Sorry for the acronym!


(Three-Letter Acronyms Should Be Banned)

Although, technically speaking, neither DSS, TLS, nor SBB are acronyms. :slight_smile:

TLIs SDBB! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just about to create a new topic sort of on this question. I have read that you can modify your three regular FP’s after DSS books them for you so that they do overlap with you CL FP’s, but you do so at the risk of someone at DSS seeing this and changing them back, etc. My question is, say I play by the rules and keep them spaced an hour apart; I’ve read the best strategy is to book the regular FP’s first so you can start using your fourth immediately. Can I book my fourth to overlap with my CL"s? Will the system notice? I have heard that the two systems (regular FP and CL FP) are separate, but just wondering if anyone here has had experience with this in real life.

I think you can modify them to duplicate the rides of the CL FPs. And yes, some people have had them changed back, others have not.

But I’ve not seen anyone be able to overlap the time.

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