Club Cool has re-opened also new EPCOT "Creations" Gift Shop is open

Your selection of beverages

Up close and personal with Beverly

Personally, I liked the old Mouse Gear name and theming.


I’m excited for the new beverages, but yeah “Creations Shop” is probably the worst name they could have come up with. What does that even mean? You aren’t creating anything there except a sales receipt. Now if it was an art shop or some other creative and interactive space that would make sense. Also the shop looks like a sterile high end department store.

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Apparently we’re meant to buy Creations. Already made by others.

I like the looks of the store way better than what we’ve been shopping in with MouseGears closed.

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It sounds so close to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, but is nothing like it.

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I am so glad that Beverly is back! I think the shop looks ok but the name is obviously terrible.


I dunno.
Im ok with it.
Heck, put me down for pro creation


That’s how I would read it. It is things that have been created, not things you create. Makes sense, in a purely logical sense. But as an actual store name? I think they could have done better, particular if it is to be located in World Celebration.

Now that you put it that way, it is kind of fun… :wink:

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ROFL!!! Also: groooooaaaaannnn :laughing:


Oh good grief. Is it not World Showcase now?

Thinking of birthday cake castles, sorcerer hats and Mickey wands, if we don’t care for a new thing we have but to wait . . .

:joy: no!

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World Showcase remains as World Showcase.

Future World was split into three sections. World Celebration, World Discovery, and World Nature. World Celebration cuts through the center of Future World.



Well ok then I guess.

Especially when I’m oriented to the map correctly.

Those pesky learning curves . . .

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program - The Sticky Floor Shuffle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think the name choices are a bit odd…but perhaps hinting at future plans not yet announced.

For example, World Nature, having The Land and The Seas pavilions make sense. But the Imagination Pavilion? I suspect we’ll see some future announcement of that area being reimagined into something related to nature. But as of now, no such announcement is made.

Similarly, you can see how the GOTG and Mission:Space might fit into World Discovery (although, I almost think World Exploration might be more apt), it might tell us something about the future of Test Track. It is a stretch to call that World Discovery. And it is in desperate need of some updating.

I’m excited about the fact there is a new vision for Epcot…just not quite as excited about their naming scheme.

Yeah, that doesn’t look like they are going to be using the term Future World at all.

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No. They are dropping the name. And truth is, the name Future World hasn’t really applied to that part of Epcot for a great number of years. Dropping that name, and replacing it with the new names gives them new options for future (!) development.

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Let’s not overlook the proposed Guardians attraction.

Exploration Discovery

maybe tomayto tomahto

And to get even sillier, what’s in a name . . .

I feel like GOTG could be “explained” into World Discovery…if Discovery really means “voyages” beyond this World and into others. In such a case, GOTG fits right in. I just think the name “World Discovery” can be interpretted too many different ways that it almost becomes meaningless. (Although, same could be said of World Celebration!)

One more thought (since I’m thoroughly off topic!) on the World Nature thing. Soarin’ Around the World seems to fit less into the World Nature concept than Soarin’ Over California. Too many of the scenes are showing off creations of man (Taj Majal, Eiffel Tower, Sydney, etc.). So, I would love it if they eventually redo the Soarin’ film again and highlight NATURE moreso than it does now. (With, if I’m asking, real footage and not the CGI nonsense we got with SATW.)