CLs went up, so my TP wait times . .

…went down?

I’m a bit perplexed by this. I received an email from Touring Plans informing me that for the dates of my trip, the CLs levels have changed. For the 6 days at the parks, 4 of them the CLs went up, and 2 of them went down. (The HS days.)

But what is odd is that I then went in and re-evaluated all my plans to use the new CLs, and in every case, the total wait times for the days went DOWN, not up.

I’m confused by this. Anyone have any explanations?

Hmmm interesting. The CLs on my days in Nov all went down but my TPs remained the same. Interested to hear responses!

Many of my days changed to CLs of 1 :scream: so I’m just taking my TPs and RUNNING!


Is it because they expect to have more staffing and run more attraction vehicles?

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Unsure. But my understanding is that Touring Plans uses wait times on rides to determine CLs. So if the wait times go up, the CLs go up.

It, then, becomes counter-intuitive for the CLs to go up, and the resulting wait times go down.

If Disney has more CMs working, that should then speed up the lines and reduce wait times, which should, as a result, show up as reduced CLs.


Granted, the wait time difference I saw was very small overall. But it still doesn’t make sense to me.

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Have you submitted an inquiry? Or maybe tag Len?

Why would I tag @len?

Whoops. Guess I just did! :wink:

To re-iterate: So, while I have no way to “undo” the re-evaluations I did to offer now as evidence, the dates I was looking at were dates from May 10th through the 17th. The CLs for HS went down, but the other parks went up (at least for my dates), but re-evaluating the same plans (unchanged) with the new CLs actually REDUCED my wait times over all slightly.

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Steve addressed in the comments of the blog post. They removed the inflation factor for RotR since they’re not seeing high crowds now.


From what I understand in his comments, he was actually addressing the opposite (sort of) in explaining why CL levels have dropped.

Of course, the statement about removing the inflation factor for RotR is meaningless to me since I don’t know what an inflation factor does to the CLs nor wait times.

I think this might help answer your question @ryan1.

For what it is worth, though, I just re-evaluated my first MK day and my overall wait did go down 10 minutes.

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I’ve noticed that the wait time curve (or whatever, the graph that shows wait times of a specific attraction over the course of a specific day) changes the closer you get to your date. What was once a flat line, or a more general curve with “peaks” during some portions of the day gets more specific, and the “peaks” can change time slots or jump, etc.

It could be that although the crowd level is a higher level overall (signifying overall higher wait times at the headliners during the core portion of the day) the “peaks” and “valleys” of expected wait times on any specific attraction over the course of that day may have also changed in a way that actually benefits you. So your TP may be taking advantage of lower “valleys” (although peaks are still high) leading to lower overall wait time during your day.

If so lucky for you!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Based on what I am reading on that page, the wait times should have gone up with the CLs went up. But the opposite happened. So, either the predicted CLs are off, or the wait times are off. Since the difference is minor, I’m not terribly concerned about it. But it is still perplexing.

This is possible. I spent a while refining these TPs, so maybe it is showing my “good choices” before are now even “better choices”.


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Sorry we can’t help you! Steve does respond to comments usually though.

AND now my DHS day went from 165 minutes of waiting all the way down to 138. I wish I had paid close enough attention to even know where that savings came from. I don’t have any SWGE rides in the plan.