Clothing question

We will be going on a 7 day cruise next year and have heard there’s a formal night. As it happens, both my sons (12 and 14) will have a suit, but I’m wondering if I have to bring them for a formal night or not? Also, do I need a gown or will a nice pair of pants and top (or a dress) be good enough? What about shoes? Do I need closed in heels or will a pair of sandals with a wedge do?

Essentially, how formal is formal night?

This is what we wore last month.


You will see a variety of clothes. Wear what you are comfortable in.

Thanks. Great picture, too.

We aren’t going until next spring, so I have a lot of time to prepare (I’m starting on my door magnets already!). My younger son is being confirmed about a month before we go, so he’ll have a suit, as will his older brother, but I don’t want to pack their suits (and shoes) if I don’t have to. Also, I’m not a dress person, mostly because I’m not a heels person, but at least I have time to find a look that’s not too casual.

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You will see a variety of things as previously stated. I personally wore my tux (trying to get a better ROI on it). I also like dressing formal when the occassion is appropriate. My wife wore a nice dress - not a gown. You will be both impressed and surprised at what people will wear. Not being a snob - but if you can afford a Disney Cruise - you can afford a suit.

They have a formal night for a reason I and I feel that if “formal” isn’t your thing - skip it - but don’t come looking like a fool (my 2 cents).

People as a whole looked nice - suits, tuxes, nice dresses. Come looking nice as you would to a wedding is a good mind frame.


Dress as if for a wedding. That gives me a good idea. Thanks.

Plus what is better than eating wonderful deserts looking awesome?

lol. Unfortunately for me, looking ‘awesome’ starts with spanx and, well, after a delicious meal, there’s not much room in those spanx for dessert. :wink:

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HA - as an aside - if you have never eaten there try PALO - it is wonderful

So they say, but then I’ll have to convince the kids they really don’t want to have supper with Mom and Dad that night.

How old are the kids? We had to drag the kids out of the play areas. Last time - we had 12 adults and ate in the private room. It was the night of the Pirate bash. Meal was running late - my wife and another lady in our party were going to excuse themselves to go get the kids. The manager said “WHY?” they are having a great time and YOU deserve a nice meal. When we did get the kids - they didn’t want to leave the play area.

Enjoy some adult time and the kids will love the kid time!!

Mine will be 12 and 14. So, Edge probably, but maybe Edge/Vibe. Are they fed in those clubs or will they be fending for themselves? (ie: unauthorized room service in the form of several Mickey bars)

HA. I am not sure about there - but I do know the other areas will certainly feed the kids. Hey its vacation - what’s wrong with a few mickey bars!!! If you do go to PALO - you have to have their flowerless chocolate cake (or have two) that is what I did!!!

if they are 12 and 14 - they REALLY don’t want you around - HA

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I have wondered the same thing. What can families do if they don’t participate in the formal night? What are the options?

So from what I remember - formal night is nothing really special - just an opportunity for people to dress up and there is a meet and greet in the main atrium. You can eat at cabanas or the restaurants themselves - or room service. I don’t think you HAVE to participate - but you should dress nicely if possible.