Closed-September memory maker share

Going September 27-October 4. I purchased memory maker and I’m looking for others to share with to lessen the cost. I have two liners on Facebook interested and would like at least one more.

My dates are 9/3 - 9/10…will that work? Have never done MM before!

Unfortunately it’s too far before my trip. With memory maker you only have 30 days to take photos. That’s just too close. But we love memory maker! Hopefully you can find an open share for an earlier group!

I will be there 27 Sept to 6 oct… Im not sure what to do with sharing though… how does it work…?

Basically I will purchase memory maker, we split the cost evenly between participants. We all add the account I used to purchase the memory maker to our friends list in MDE. When you arrive at Disney you take your photo pass photos as normal. They will be added to your MDE account but also to the “share account”. Once home from your trip you will access the “share account” and edit your photos and download them from there. It’s pretty easy, here’s a link with more info.

VJB if you decide you want to participate in our share you’ll be the last one. The cost would be $30, as compared to the $149.

Hi, Thank you for that information. :slight_smile: Have you done this before? Is it easy to set it all up with minimal problems ?

I have purchased memory maker/photo pass for every trip 5+ we have taken. I have participated in a share before but this is my first time hosting. Setting up with ease really is a personal opinion. I’m confident with setting up the share and everyone getting their photos. However, if your not as comfortable with MDE and using PayPal then you might not be at ease with sharing.

Thank you very much for your patience. I would be happy to do so, hubby less happy to do so :slight_smile: So I will decline the lovely offer to join your group as I need to be sure he is happy with this decision too.

Since @VJB has declined your offer to share – are you still looking for one more in your group? I may be interested, but I’ll need until Friday or so to check in with my people and make sure we’re all on board. I totally understand if you need a decision before then. Let me know!

Edited to add – we will be in the parks 9/30 to 10/3.

I understand! Dh hated me doing the share before. Then he came around and loved the saving $! Good luck!

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Dunegirl sounds good! Let me know if you want to join!

Hi, we are going 9/23-9/28 and would be interested if there is still an opening!

Melcort10 I think that’s fine. I’ll send you a message with my email.

@dizzied4disney I’ve heard back from my group, and we’d love to join if you’ve still got room. Thanks!

Great dunegirl I’ll send you a message with my email.

Anymore space available for one small family?

My DH and I are going Sept 20-25 would there still be room to share?

We’re going 9/21 - 9/30… maybe we can start another share group, I see a lot of interest… lol

Our share is closed. Sorry everyone.