Close proximity rides

Is there a way on touring plans to see the closest rides/shows to another ride. I know at the bottom of each rides plans it shows other rides in the same land, but in some big lands, another ride in a different land would be closer. For example, if I’m looking at IASW, Haunted Mansion is a shorter walk than Dumbo.

I really like the EasyWDW maps for this sort of thing. They’re very clear. On TP, you can adjust the settings of your plan to minimize walking, and they do indicate the walking distance measured in time between steps, but there’s isn’t really a way to see what is closest other than plugging different things in and reading the times.

I would add to that that sometimes changing to “minimize walking” gives weird results. Like, I’m utilizing early entry, but the plan doesn’t send me back to Fantasyland until after official park opening.

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I agree with the easyWDW maps! They are great!

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