Clearer motivation about not using FP+?

Hello to all!
In personalized touring plans I find the message of not using a FP+ too much “cryptic”. In fact it would me more usefult to say the exact motivation instead of a 3 (very different) motivations without giving further explanation. This is the message I have in my plan: “This plan does not use the Fastpass+ reservation for For the First Time In Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration. Possible reasons for this include: (a) Using that Fastpass+ reservation may result in longer waits in line; (b) It may take more walking to use the Fastpass than in the plan shown; © It’s not possible to see everything else in the plan and use the Fastpass+; or (d) The attraction simply doesn’t need Fastpass+ because it won’t save any time. One option is to exchange this Fastpass+ reservation for another attraction or for another time of day.”
Knowing if the case is a, b, c or d would be more useful in helping me to make a decision on if change my FP+ selection.
Anyway… thank you for this wonderful system (which I’ll experiment live soon!).


@len - this is an interesting point. Can the Optimizer give more detail on the reasons why a FPP isn’t used? I wouldn’t think so, as what it really comes down to is that the Optimizer was able to make a better TP without the FPP, as opposed to there being a specific reason it wasn’t used.

I think it may just mean that you will have longer waits at other attractions if you use fastpass for those particular attractions? sometimes heading across the park for a fastpass you aren’t near could just throw out everything else

Agree! I am struggling with this…since I HAVE a fastpass, in this instance, Star Tours for 4:55 pm during SWW…it is not helpful for the Touring Plan to assign me to see it at 7pm…when I want to do something else. Especially for DHS, there are very few rides I want/can get a FastPass for…seems like if I tell the plan I have a FP, it should use it. I don’t mind if it tells me it’s not needed…but I don’t like that it tells me to go at a very different time instead (when I’m trying to plan my day out).

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Yeah, let me see what I can do. It’s been a while since I looked at the code, but I believe it doesn’t recommend any FP unless it’ll save you 15+ minutes in line.

There’s not currently any consideration in the code for shows with preferred seating, in which case the FP+ might still be useful. We may add something to the UI saying “Don’t allow this FP to be ignored” for each FP, which would mandate its use.

Just back in the office after 10 days on the road. Give me a few days to look at this.


I have just played so far with the AK TPs. But I think that would be wonderful to have a “don’t ignore” this FP button or something. Of course I’m new to all this. but trying to make my AK TP was hard b/c I already had these FPPs that I had chosen. I’m willing to change the FP times or to something else but then I worry that what if I get there and then optimize and wish I had just kept the FPs I had initially selected. Anyway it’s all super helpful either way, because otherwise I’d be going in with no plan which sounds scary to me since I’m a planner at heart!!
Thanks @len for this wonderful tool!

That would be SO helpful! Many times I make a FPP for a specific time NOT associated with simply trying to have the overall wait time a bit shorter (e.g. a ride near a set ADR, Kali at the end of the day so I’m not touring wet for hours, etc). The abilituy to “force” TP to use a specific FPP (the way it does ADRs and Breaks) is the the primary - really the ONLY - “improvement” I’d like to see in TPs… :slight_smile:


Agree…I keep running into the issue that the system doesn’t want to use my Fastpass time…but since I have it, I would love to schedule the rest of my day around my FastPasses. If there could be some kind of “over-ride” i.e. “keep my fastpass, even though it probably won’t save me any time…and it doesn’t really make logical sense”. That would be awesome! :slight_smile:

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