Claustrophobia and ToT

Is ToT claustrophobic? There’s the elevator car itself, but how about the entrance lines? As a calibration, I can rarely get through the entrance to Indy, from the part where the bamboo ends to the first large room with the movie. Closed in space with low ceilings + warm/hot = trigger. Outside in the crowds is no problem; Star Tours is no problem. Worst, Herself won’t get on it with me.

Any advice appreciated.

I am very claustrophobic (I have nearly had several panic attacks in line for Dueling Dragons at USO for instance) but I’ve never had any issues with the Tower of Terror line. I haven’t been to DL in summer months in a while but I’ve found they actually kept the line pretty cool in the past and the ceilings are pretty high (much higher than in Indy) I don’t think you’ll have that same problem in lines. As for the ride - as someone who generally dislikes real elevators - I’m completely fine on the ride (it’s actually my favorite and I’ve been known to ride it over and over again)

The library portion of the queue is dark and fairly small. Before that, the queue is outside and then just inside the building but it’s high ceilings and very open on the sides with lots to look at. After the library the queue is very open again. Wide walkways, extra space around where you stand and high ceilings.

Even in the elevator, the sides are a wire grid (sorry can’t think of how I really want to describe it better than that), not solid walls.

I think you’ll be okay.

Thanks all! I’ll give it e try and cut out early if it’s not working.