Clarification on DAH hours?

We are planning on doing DAH on March 9 at MK. The official park closing time is posted on the Disney website and on TP at 9:00. However, the Disney website states the DAH hours for March 9 are 10:00 pm - 1:00 am…? What happens in the hour between 9 and 10? Is this possibly a mistake on the Disney website and it really starts at 9:00?

If I had to guess, it is because the Fireworks is at 9:00, same time as park closing…so if you account for the time for the the Fireworks, and then the time for most people to make their way to the exit, 10:00 probably makes the most sense as the official start time.

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I would say they will change park closing time to 10. That’s what happened when there was VAH during our trip.


Agree with @missoverexcited, the regular park hours will change and closing will be at 10pm.


So, if the park closes at 10, and we can be allowed entry at 7:00, are we allowed to make three fast passes at 30 days out?

Yes you can. If park hours haven’t been updated by then, you will only be able to make them 6-7, 7-8 and 8-9 though.

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Assuming you aren’t using park tickets / APs earlier in the day.

If both regular tickets and DAH tickets are on your MDE account, you can only have 3 FPs pre-booked.

If you have them on separate accounts, you should be able to book FPs on the DAH tickets. If they’re like the party tickets, the system will allow you to book them for any time; the onus is on you to make sure you are able to use them, ie: at a time you can get into the park for.

Unless they change to the party format, where they allow an hour in between to clear out regular guests.

In that case would I be able to make two fast passes instead of three-one from 7-8 and one from 8-9? We are doing a Universal trip and will drive over the evening of DAH to have dinner at Chef Mickeys at 5:20 then walk over to MK around 7 since that’s when we can get it on our DAH ticket…

So if you can enter the park at 7pm for DAH, you could do 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30. Although whether it would show one for 8:30-9:00 I’m not sure. Normally I think the system does do that as you get close to park closing.

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