Clarification needed on ADR's and potential modifications at the last minute

Scenario: DH and I will be at WDW Sept. 14-22, overlapping the trip of our friends from Sept 19-22. We made ADR’s for Wine Bar George on the 20th and the Brown Derby the next day for the four of us. Our friends are DVC owners, and coincidentally will be staying at the BoardWalk Villas while we’re at the BoardWalk Inn!!! So much “eeee”!!!

Anyway, Roz just emailed me – they were invited to get in the queue for the DVC Ratatouille preview, and she jumped on that like a duck on a June bug. Of course the only time slot she got was one hour before our Wine Bar George ADR. She and Ron plan to go throw themselves on the mercy of the CM’s at the actual queue on the day-of, and ask for an early entrance, but as of right now, there’s a good chance that only two people will show up for the four-people ADR that I made.

I’m going to set a reservation watch for 8:00 for Wine Bar George, but what happens if two people show up for a reservation for 4?

Thank you so much in advance for any clarity you can provide! Sorry I can’t make this more complex! LOL

As long as anyone in your party shows up your are fine. The only issue is for no-shows

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As long as one person shows, you’re fine.



Oh, sorry… you had a question…

Totally fine
Leave it for 4. As long as even 1 shows up, no penalty
This way if they come later or even on time they can just join you at your 4 top


I’m loling at this pic bc my son’s school child study team manager talks Just. Like. This. And we all refer to her as Mrs. Roz instead of Mrs. Rozyn, her actual name. It doesn’t help that she sort of looks the same and is really annoying.


Y’all rock!!! Thank you so much! I thought one would need to modify. So relieved!

Absolutely ROFL – that Roz resembles me more than it resembles my friend! Ahhhh, you’re the best. Thank you for the laugh! :orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::heart:


That was my immediate first thought too!

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