Cl Updates Question

As most know, TP did a CL update over night. Bummer as we’re 7 days out and it went up, but whatever. It is what it is. My question is I went to evaluate my plans since I figured times would change, at least by a few minutes, but nothing changed at all. Is that right? Or should I expect it to in a few days when the system catches up? I had printed everything foolishly for my binder I suppose and just wondering if I should keep checking in case I need to tweak something? TIA!

Per the blog about it today, they reassigned some wait times from one level to another. This way the apparent wait times stay the same, but the CL label changed. .


Thanks, hadn’t seen that yet.

I’m on plane to Orlando as I’m typing. Our park days are Sunday through Friday but don’t look to have changed.

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