CL Poly Room Request?

Hi all!

We’re heading to WDW for the first time as a family over Columbus Day weekend and we’re so excited! Our kids are 7 & 5. We’re staying CL at Poly and I wanted to do the TP fax to request a room. I love the views from the 3rd floor but like the thought of being on the 2nd to have easy access to the club lounge. Any thoughts or experiences to share? What would be your preference? Thanks!!

I stayed on the 3rd floor in April. At the end of the 3rd floor hall there is a door that leads to the lounge area. There is a bathroom area, a couple of tables and chairs, a TV and couch area. There is a railing that overlooks the area below and stairs that lead directly to the food area. I loved the 3rd floor and we were traveling with a 20 month old!

Excellent! Thank you for the info!

We stayed a few years ago & requested first floor. Because our kids were younger at the time, I wanted a place to sit outside while they were napping or going to bed earlier. Having the patio was great for trips to the pool too…kids loved being able to run around on the grass in front. They would also hang on the patio while everyone was getting ready in the morning & see the lizards, ducks, etc. It felt like the patio extended the room a bit.
Third floor rooms have the balcony, which is also nice.
I don’t believe second floor rooms have a balcony, so consider that.
We didn’t find having to walk up stairs to the lounge difficult at all. It’s a small building, unlike some hotels with long corridors.
The lounge is on the pool end of the building, & we had a room close to that end, which also helped. But even if at the other end, it’s not that far to the lounge.