CL March😂

I know we’ll be fine but now 10’s across the board!!! And a tween who has abolished RD. BOO!!! It’s our longest trip though and I’m totally excited :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I hear you! I’m depressed. This will be a shorter trip than in the past for us. 3/7-3/14, no flexibility. CL increases across the board but no park hour changes! Stuck with this week this year, we usually go in June. :frowning_face:

Our June trip (6/24-6/28) increased across the board too :sob:

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Our levels just increased too, 3/2 - 3/10. I’ve never gone at a busy time- last time was first week of September and the levels were 1-3 for all our days.

We’re planning on RD most days as I have a toddler now who gets up early anyway.

I’m assuming the best thing to do is just get up early, use the apps to get FPs and monitor wait times, and above all, RELAX. I keep telling myself there is tons to enjoy about Disney even without riding the rides.

We are march 2-8 and woof. Esp our HS days.

We’ve gone over Thanksgiving the last two years where it was CL 10’s and we’ve had a great time. Don’t sweat it too much – you’re on here, so you’re a planner, things will be just fine!

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I go during Thanksgiving week so it’s mostly CL 10s and we’ve never RD. Still had a great time. Just be sure you know what your top couple of experiences for each day are and plan to hit those.

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