CL for November 18-20, 2019

I was looking at some potential dates for a fall WDW visit and was surprised to see Monday November 18 at CL8, Tuesday November 19 at CL 9 and Wednesday November 20 at CL8.

This is a full week before Thanksgiving week.

Any thoughts as to why crowds are projected to be so high these days?

I went 3 years ago the week before Thanksgiving and it wasn’t bad at all. At least until the Saturday before. I kind of chalked that up to annual passholders. Then the week of Thanksgiving is crazy crowded, or so I’ve heard. We have a trip planned to start at MVMCP on November 22 and go all of Thanksgiving week to check out of WL on Nov 30. I am NOT looking forward to the crowds, although I am super stoked about going.

We went the past two weeks during this time-it was amazing! The crowds were never crazy. Star Wars may crash my love of this week but its our go to week.

i meant past 2 years—someone get me coffee!

CL predictions 10 months out are, in my opinion, notional numbers. These numbers will change numerous times between now and then. And all it take is another “correction” to the algorithm that TP uses and all bets are off (just ask people who are going in the next few months).

We went that week 4 years ago. The predicted CLs were all 4s and 5s; the actuals were 6s, 7s, and 8s. I was told that week was an “anomaly”. There seem to be a lot of those lately.

I’ve stopped giving much weight to CLs for trip planning; I go when I want to go and deal with whatever CL it happens to be when I get there.

Some people are “guessing” that SWGE may open sometime mid-to-late November; don’t know if that’s a factor or not…

Yeah, that may be the answer. My schedule is flexible for the fall so I can book my next WDW trip for anytime between mid-October and mid-December (other the week in which Halloween falls) so I suppose I was trying to engage in the futile exercise of trying to predict the best week for lower crowds during those months.

I was pretty surprised to see the same thing. We have a trip booked the 13th-22nd and like you said, the 18th-20th are really high when compared to the surrounding dates. I really hope the predictions drop. Lower crowds was one of the big reasons for booking that time of year.