CL drops but Wait times increase

I am hoping you can assist me with something that appeared strange to me regarding timings on a TP

I created at TP for a HS morning on Friday Aug 9 CL6

I am considering changing this HS visit to the morning of Wed Aug 7 CL 5

When I copied the plan to Wed with all parameters the same, the results came back very different with higher wait times on Wed even though the CL is lower. Do you know if this is accurate?


If I do decide to stay with the Friday plan I plan on arriving at 8:30am for a 9:00 am opening.

I know the program assumes I will be at the gate at 9 and not 8:30

So am I correct in assuming that the wait times at TSM and Saucers will be less and I would probably be ready to use my SDD FPP closer to 9:30 am vs the 10:03 listed on the Friday plan?

Is it possible that there is some glitch and I could just move forward with the Friday plan on Wed?

fyi…not sure if this matters but I am planning on using club level FPP so am fairly certain I will be able to get the times in the TP

I know there has been talk about WDW decreasing staffing on low crowd days, driving up wait times.
Easywdw had an interesting comment about the fact that Disney seems to think if people are willing to wait 75 minutes during a holiday weekend, why can’t we make them wait that long during “low” crowd times.
Not sure about the timing, but most people will be going for SDD. I think A2S can back up pretty quickly though, especially if they are only running one side which seems to happen in the morning. I would think TSMM might be a walk-on though which would move things up.
How about starting at A2S as TSMM has higher capacity?

It looks to me like you did Evaluate instead of Optimize, as the attractions are in the same order. Comparing plans that have a lot of attractions with set showtimes without Optimizing them will give you strange results like you are seeing.