CL drop over memorial day and june explanation please?

I am not going to complain about the CL prediction dropping but i also don’t want to be lured into a false sense of security. I think I would rather work with the initial predictions of 9 and 10’'s however strange that may sound.
Please can someone official explain these changes. …does it relate to tsl not opening ? Can’t beleve there will be suddenly fewer people in the parks. …but I can dream!

I think the consensus is they are adjusting what the numbers mean. So the number of people might be the same, but like the new 8 is what the old 10 used to be. Or something.

The other theory out in the forums is that Len and Co. have insider information that Toy Story Land won’t be opening in late May/June.

Thanks everyone so it means nothing really in the long term! Nothing to get excited about. …other than the fact i am ridiculously excited about our first trip overall

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At the very least, they are speculating TSL will not be open in June. They have taken the option of using the new TSL entrance to Midway Mania out of the custom touring plans software.

I’m guessing it has to do with a possibly later than anticipated (rumored) opening of TSL (e.g.“later in the summer” according to a D23 article). But CLs and wait times have been all over the map lately, so I probably wouldn’t worry about a number or two difference. WDW will be crowded in June, with or without TSL.

Also, TSL is NO Pandora, so other than locals who will come out in droves to see the new land, I don’t really think it will be a major factor in deciding when people go. If you think about it, what will it have? A fun “carnival” ride and a “family” coaster that will be visually striking, but will have the “excitement factor” of 7DMT (without the dark scene). And lots of giant tinker toys and blocks. I’m not knocking it - I’m actually looking very forward to seeing it - but it doesn’t have super-headliner new technology attractions and massive rock work and vegetation theming that are the hallmarks of Pandora.

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