CL discount?

I’d like to book a Deluxe CL at BWI for a stay that will be over Memorial Day, it’s pretty pricey but we need the space and it’s less expensive than 2 rooms at YC. Bonus points for it being CL.

Anyway, do you think there might be discounts I can apply later, or should I just go with the modest savings I can get right now from UT?


I think I would bet on a discount. If you want to book now, I would book in a way that a future discount could be applied. In other words, direct through Disney or through a TA that will look for those diicounts. Will you pay for the extra FPs too?

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We haven’t decided, I need to look into that further, don’t know too much about it except that they are available.
I should mention that I don’t have an AP or live in Florida. I am thinking of getting the Disney Visa just for this trip.

There currently is a $200 statement credit if you get a referral to the no fee Disney Visa. The person that refers you gets $100 credit.

If you are staying CL you should not be making too many ADRs! A TA can book a package or room only and then apply discounts.


There’s a $200 statement credit if I charge $500 on the card, too, which is kind of a low bar for me! :grin:

Yes, can you get that $200 without a referral? If you can will you please post the link for others?

It’s not the no-fee Visa, it’s for the Premier Visa which has a $49 annual fee, but that’s still a net $150:

It also accumulates points pretty quickly, not quite as fast as a Chase Sapphire (awesome card for ppl who like to travel) but with other Disney perks which that card doesn’t have.

I posted this under Deals & Money, too.

Thank you! Yes, the no fee card required a referral for the $200.

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