CL changes but not park hours?

My trip is in October, and when the WDW hours posted, they were all way shorter than the ones predicted by TP. Now, TP has updated the crowd levels (indicating mostly a CL+2 increase) but still the hours are the same. Is this typical? First trip in a while, and I know crowd levels and park hours change, but I thought that first the park hours change, then the crowd levels in general…

AK is a 10 for 3 days straight while we’re there. Why? I don’t get it. It went from a 7, 7, 6 or something to 10, 10, 10…

Oh no! I’m not sure. I just got an email and crowd levels changed also, but I haven’t analyzed them yet.

ETA: Yikes, the day I’m visiting AK went from a 7 to a 9, but lots of 10’s the week I’m there. Boo!

CLs are calculations internal to TP, park hours are a function of Disney. TP won’t change the park hours until Disney officially announces them. In the past Disney may have extended the hours, and based on this TP may be making a “prediction”, but they won’t post it until the offficial announcement.

Park hours are just one factor that the TP algorithm uses when determining CLs. It is true that when park hours change there is almost always s change in CL, but CLs can also change without a park hour change.

Park hours are adjusted around the 15th of the month before- so around September 15th for October. It is a good time (1-3 days later) to look for hard to get FPs.

That makes sense- good tip on those FP!