CL change?

I got an email earlier this week announcing crowd level changes for my Dec 4-8 stay. Some days went up one, some went down one - but all days changed. This has to effect my touring plans, right? When can I expect to see these updates? I have been evaluating the plans daily with no changes in wait times. I assume the data just hasn’t been updated yet? I’m getting antsy because we are getting close and I would hate to have to scramble to make changes at the last minute. Thanks!

I don’t think a change of one point in CL will affect the wait times much, so I would just continue with the plans you’ve made. Elsewhere on the TP blog, they point out that the most important thing- even more important than crowd levels- is to have a plan.

Honestly, I think that crowd levels are pretty relative these days- I’m not sure ten different crowd levels even exist, it’s pretty busy most of the time. At the most, there are probably only three noticeable levels- low-medium-high. And maybe “Just don’t go there” levels like on New Year’s and July 4th :open_mouth:

It sounds like you have a well thought-out plan, so just use it and enjoy!

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I don’t really have much faith in the CLs anymore; just too many variables to take into account. But a jump of one or two points really isn’t all that much; if they went from a 2 to a 9 I might be concerned. The best thing I can say is to do a “reevaluate” to see if there are any significant changes. I consider everything to be kind of fluid up until about a week before the trip - but I’m not an obsessive TP guy; I use them as a guide, but have found that if I try to use them as a “schedule” it just stresses me out too much.


Thank you, Both. This makes me feel a whole lot better. Also, a great reminder to roll with things and not get too obsessive about the plan. I appreciate it!

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Yes, I’ve already gone back and loosened up my plans, they were so precise! Just no way that was going to happen- not with 5 people!