Cl 9 vs party day

Opinions please… I had originally planned 2 days at MK… One on a party day and 1 nonparty day… After the recent shift in CL my nonparty day is now a 9! Should I switch and visit both party days as I was planning on a midday break and try to rearrange my evening activities so we can hop over to MK another night? Both of the nonparty day CLs are a 5-6

A good touring plan will beat out CL changes any day.
Have you reevaluated your touring plan to see the impact?

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Definitely reevaluate your TP (or try making one, if you haven’t yet) to see if it’s really going to be a big difference in your actual activities. Our MK day the day before Labor Day went up to an 8 (I believe it was a 5 before, maybe 6) but even when our waits went up last week in advance of the CL increase it didn’t really change things much. We have FP for 7DMT, Space Mountain, and Jungle Cruise and I think I just dropped a second go-round on Dumbo and Barnstormer to accommodate the slight increase in waits at other non-headline rides and we’re still getting to the FoF parade on time and leaving at the same time for our midday break

I also recently scored a PreRd bog for the day I was thinking of swapping to… I was just concerned we wouldn’t have enough time to do everything if we went 2 party days and were not going to MNSSHP

As long as you plan on being clear of the park by around 4:00, then the party day sounds like a good option.