CL 10? Why?

May 25 CL7
May 26 CL10
May 27 CL7

What on earth is going on on May 26th to cause a CL 10? I am missing something!

Sunday of Memorial Day weekend…


Agree that it’s because it’s the Sunday of a holiday weekend.

If it’s any consolation, it looks like last year’s crowds on that Sunday were at least a little bit lighter than had been predicted.

I was curious about this as well. True it is Memorial Day Weekend, but that falls the same each year (unlike Easter and Spring Break) and last year it looked as if the overall CL was around a 7, even for the Sunday of that weekend. So why bump it up to a 10 out of 10 this year?

That red makes it SO DRAMATIC.

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The 10 referenced here is the overall crowds at WDW. Which is the average across parks? I’m not sure.

Park CLs from TP as follows:
MK 7
EP 10
HS 10
AK 9

A few thoughts on why higher CLs than last year.

HS - Tower of Terror is running at reduced capacity for refurbishment which will cause a spike in wait times there. Plus Toy Story Land is opened for this Memorial Day weekend (it opened in June last year).

AK - TP has seen higher posted waits at AK the last few months. CLs for AK have been raised in the Crowd Calendar updates.

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That Sunday we are going to sleep in, do a resort day and end up at Disney Springs to try the Void & have dinner at Raglan Road. Fortunately, it’s late in the trip so we’ll be ready for a non-park day.