CL 10 days-anyone?

Ok kind of planning a last minute trip over spring break (week before Easter) when it will be a CL 10. Anyone gone on a CL 10 day? Am I totally crazy? We have done Disney at Easter and with lots of meticulous planning and reservations it wasn’t bad at all. Wondering if Universal is the same?

The calendar shows that there are no early morning hours for people staying at the resorts (very disappointing) but we will have the unlimited express pass.

I’m traveling with my husband, DS8 and DD 13. Have been to Disney several times with them.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Hello. Both parks will have early admission the week before and after Easter, at least they always have in the past. Currently there is early admission scheduled until 4/7, at Islands of Adventure. We have been several times around Easter and also at Thanksgiving. With early admission and express passes, it has always been great regardless of the crowds. You will do fine, it is much easier to plan Universal for a busy time (than Disney) as long as you have express passes. Go for it! I would stay onsite at one of the deluxe hotels if you aren’t already, the price will be similar to staying somewhere cheaper but buying express.

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Thank you!! That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear!! We are booked at the Royal Pacific! Hopefully that is a good choice!

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Yes, it is a very nice hotel. We have stayed there twice.

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We are going to be there at the same time, and have had the same concerns. I’ve played around with touring plans, and it seems like we should experience fairly short wait times with the express passes despite the large crowds. It’s just the Harry Potter attractions that are going to require some strategy! There should be early entry to one park every day, and since the regular opening time that week is 8 AM, early entry will be at 7 AM! :scream: