City Works Eatery and Pour House brunch

Has anyone had the brunch here? Menu looks delicious. Trying to decide between it and Homecomin’ bunch. If we did City Works for brunch would do Homecomin next night for dinner.

City Works is WILDLY different from Homecomin and while I’ve not eaten there I have never heard a bad thing about it.

They definitely look like two totally difference experiences. Our flight now leaves Louisville at 5:40 AM and lands at 7:45AM thanks to a SW change today. I’m going to need food and a cocktail since we will leave for the airport (which is 40 minutes from our house) by 3:00. City Works might be fun, especially if Louisville football has a noon game that day but the game time has not yet been released. Didn’t know if anyone had a food preference. ADR day is soon.

I’ve been trying,unsuccessfully, to get a brunch res for months at homecoming

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I’ve seen some really good reviews for that place. Homecomin just doesn’t appeal to me in the least.

Haven’t done brunch. I have been for dinner and it was great (comfort food, but all done well)! Staff, in particular, were lovely and helpful with some special requests we had. I don’t see many reviews/reports for it generally so thought I’d chime in!

We have done both. My wife prefers, Homecomin’
Both are really good. I like both. I don’t think you will be disappointed with either option.
If you have the option to enjoy both restaurants during a trip, thats a great plan.

Thanks. We were there the first of October. Did City Works for brunch and Homecomin for dinner.