City Works @ Disney Springs Brunch Review - March 2022

City Works is in Disney Springs, way over on the West Side, next to Cirque du Soleil.
We’ve been here several times for brunch, and all the selections are very good. Not the best brunch in Orlando, but for being on Disney property, a very good option.

On appetizers, we like the donut holes or pretzel bites much better than the cinnamon roll. We were really looking forward to the big warm cinnamon roll, but it was -meh- ok. The sauces for the donut holes are amazing. Pretzels with cheese sauce also amazing.

In our visits, we’ve probably had 80% of the menu and everything is good. There is not a bad selection … with one exception, the scrambled eggs. For some reason they use some kind of pre-made egg, or egg substitute mix for their scrambled eggs, the eggs come out in the shape of the round scoop they use to dish it up. How hard is it for a restaurant to use real scrambled eggs??? I can show them how if they need me to. It really brings down what is otherwise a very solid brunch menu. The breakfast taco for example are really good, but they have these really bad scrambled eggs, bringing down the overall dish. The breakfast sandwich, with an egg over easy, is a much better choice. The toast that the breakfast sandwich comes on is really good in itself. The breakfast steak sliders we are told are really popular, but we wouldn’t order them again.

Just our thoughts.