City mini glider attachment

We are a family of 5, oldest is DD going to be 6. We own a city mini double and were looking into getting the glider attachment for DD to ride on while DS3 and DD1 ride in stroller. They are about $70. Do any of you have experience with them? Would mainly want just for WDW. We thought that way she could walk and then if she got too tired she could get on glider platform.

Hi @AllisonFamily - My brother has the glider and my 4 year old loves it. We used it at Silver Dollar City last week. Perfect.

I've read a bunch of reviews and very few people have been happy with it when used with the City Mini (single and double). It seems to work much better with the City Select.

I really like the idea of it and really want a glider board for our City Mini but the reviews have scared me away.

Thanks for the info, this is what makes it hard bc I see very conflicting reviews online. We may try it out bc it would really make it much easier for us if it works.

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You can also rent just the board

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